Whistling down the gap line.

Suffragette Ulysses ports 

places Erotica remembered

places I’ve never been.

merely seen you on video screen.

Eros is in hoarding
Hiding his love 

Under street lights

Of candy stripes
Gentleman radio callers signing 

from window refractions subtract 

the hate filled streets and militia 

and welcome to a world I was born into.

Newspaper flyers facts or fiction 

flowers for lovers 

hope the ship can be resailed.
Put out to tender on the hot plate

posters of denim pouts 

mind your head resting on tiles  

memory’s of the war 

your anger towards the blue bloods 

see who you now have become.
Solve the riddle save the trees tee shirt 

Take a proper Gander goose 

just called to say hello  

What began with a misunderstanding 

there now a gulf and a picture 

of don’t feed the birds.