Wok opera. 

Recording dubious opera bounced 

off radar woks a temporary measure 

until learning to control the weather 

spinning over an island 

Where the braces come off seasonal 

too watch orchestra 

Turn vibrating Chardonnay 


Some Like the Noteriety for getting 

Stuck in ginger jars and learning 

Finnish others retain 

Secret jealousy for a otter 

eating Seaweed on the beach 

the ping backstroke of gladly 

pat your Dusty back 

For delving into opticians 

Singing Oklahoma on a coach tour

Of ero’s with cookie Mackintosh 

Searching for silverline 

Tinder box left on the lands end 

Pew cue wrack them up and breaking 

The triangle of spheres forming 

Mountains Rouge melting lobster 

flatlining fears of trepidation 

Listening to the right translation 

With the closed motorway 

Off ramp approaching 

petrified carps in recovery 

after eight penicillin 

dealing with cross wires

Retrospective mustn’t 

Grumble when Holding 

the low ground when establishing

Rootless cutting of vines boulders

Observing those Over wishing 

on bone china donkeys 

Formed from haircuts and 

Chicken claw cuttings 

from podiatrist Vacuum