Wrinkled skin.

Airfield paraphilnali lays unsnapped and wrapped 

the longer term subject of boats in bottles

Spending five imperial years climbing the inside 

Of Man made cement cage containing oak leaves 

is a very long calendar to stare at wall hanging carpets

Watching the respiratory condensing ice buckets

Of the Manhattan hands and subtle feet leading 

desert shoes dancing eastward to the misplaced 

redwoods Musical instruments played in 

wrinkled skin Blood pressure pools around 

the parquet floor Seeping eye charts of crescent 

closure saved By steaming oblong and no cubing 

Whilst waiting for the rain to touch the broad walk 

Having climbed Back down via rest easy auvoir 

Cats attention sequin assurance of loyalty can be

Lost adjusted and put down to a shared experience 

Late at night whilst pouring cream top blacks 

and discussing bondage the blueberry sounds

And water is still not enough to maketh the wine.